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The clark kerr campus is located just south of the universitys main campus. Campus map pdf parking and transportation university of. Berkeley events and conferences serving uc berkeley. Clark kerr campus unit 5 clark kerr campus is a spanish mission style residential complex located 5 blocks southeast of the main uc berkeley campus. August 1014, 2015 uc berkeley, california clark kerr campus. Materials from the workshop presentation, notes, participant list, etc. Clark kerr garden room ldf 2019 p2sl project production. Day 1 hearst mining building on the central uc berkeley campus. Administration o front desk o academic center o conference services office o d1 conference room 2. Berkeley events and conferences is the first stop for everything that was formerly known as cal catering, california memorial stadium events, and conference services. Campus services, mail services 2000 carleton uc berkeley extension 1995 university ave. Panoramic ridge rises steeply to the north, and gwin canyon extends south. Back cover front cover university of california, berkeley.

High school pathways combine career and technical education. Clark kerr campus 2601 warring street residence halls conference services golden bear rec center krutch theater cnmat. Please check available maps for location of iab events. Formerly the california schools for the deaf and blind, the city of berkeley and the university of california fought for the land when the school relocated in 1980. Uc berkeley clark kerr campus building 10 2601 warring street. Clark kerr o clark kerr campus 2601 waring st krutch kleeberger theater lot optometry lot maxwell family field fox cottage 2427 dwight rochdale village 2345. Map of haas pavilion special accommodations dropoff. The forum will meet in building 10 in the garden room.

Have a look around, bookmark links for your favorite services, and let us take care of you in one of our uniquely beautiful campus settings. Campus c h a m b e r l a i n r e a stw a y r a y 1750 diamond s c h l e s s i n g e r w a y c o l e g e pi d m o n t c r s c e n t. The university of california, berkeley is according to the authors knowledge the only major university in the world, whose campus is intersected by a dangerously active earthquake fault. Clark kerr campus arring o smythfernwald complex access to. Campus map b e c f energy biosciences building berkeley way building. The lips 2018 conference is held at the clark kerr campus of the university of california in berkeley. Lawrence berkeley national laboratory, ab12 lawrence hall of science, c1 leconte hall, c3 legends aquatic center, de6.

Exit at berkeley tunnel road and continue west on tunnel road, which becomes ashby avenue. Day 2 clark kerr campus at uc berkeley, garden room near the dining room in building 10 map anddirections. Ramp jan 2007 retreat university of california, berkeley. Campus perimeter shuttle free with homecoming name tag mondayfriday 7 a. Driving directions to ucb clark kerr campus southwest lot from sacramento information directions parking important note. Claremont canyon regional preserve is nestled in the berkeley and oakland hills behind the historic claremont hotel. Our students come from different places and backgrounds, but together they create a diverse and kinetic community that seeks to create a better world. Housing at the university of california, berkeley includes student housing facilities run by the. The red line indicates the location of the hayward fault. Berkeley national laboratory clark kerr advanced light source berkeley lab guest natl energy research scientific computing center s m o o t r d s e a b.

University of california, berkeley student housing wikipedia. Uc berkeley campus map showing the two meeting venues. All sessions will meet in building 10, either in the garden room or in the executive dining room. A large student residence complex at berkeley is named clark kerr.

Campus berkeley high school martin luther king jr civic center post office ymca berkeley public library uc berkeley. Clark kerr cam us 2601 warring str t residence halls on rence golden bear rec center krutch theater natl energy research scientific computing center foothill student. To clark kerr campus southwest lot from various directions see campus map below westbound from highway 24. Join us for the 2nd semiannual ramp retreat to be held at the university of california berkeley clark kerr campus, in the garden room, january 1012, 2007. Berkeley lab guest house dining hall lawrence berkeley national laboratory blackberry entrance stern hall foothill parking. Administration o front desk o academic center o conference services office o d1 conference room. Ucb pad map hickey 03 university of california, berkeley. Pedestrian safety a l n e s bancroft center berkeley school berkeley public berkeley berkeley 2 hall n s uc berkeley berkeley student center student center center goldman school of public policy haas school.

Visitor center map university of california, berkeley. Just past the claremont hotel, turn right on claremont avenue and make an immediate left onto. Berkeley campus should call the special events coordinator at 510 6425401 during business hours to arrange parking for guests or to receive updates on parking availability. On july, 1994, the district adopted its current zone maps. Uc berkeley, in partnership with the office of the president, will host a conference on predictive analytics at the clark kerr conference center. Campus building locations parking lotsgarages building name grid building name continued grid building namecontinued gridgrid. Berkeley adult school civic center berkeley yacht club city hall city hall dmv u. Campus parking map university of california, berkeley. The substantial capital investments required to improve the seismic safety of our buildings, and accommodate the growing number of collegeage californians, also presented us with a unique opportunity to leverage those investments to renew the campus, and provide the space and infrastructure we require to maintain the. Clark kerr campus 2601 warring street, berkeley, ca 94720.

Or, choose a building, road or point of interest by name from the menus below. Thank you to all participants for a productive workshop. You are here accessible pathways north building entrances. All clark kerr campus parking is enforced by uc berkeley parking and transportation. Notice the latest updates on the evolving covid19 policies and resources for the campus community. The southside, including the clark kerr campus, contains 10% of the uc berkeley space inventory. Clark kerr university of california, berkeley advanced light source natl energy research. This scenic, 208acre preserve protects two parcels of land located on both sides of upper claremont avenue. Parking will be available in the southwest northwest parking lot.

Each uc campus is invited to send a team of 710 participants, including leadership from faculty, advising, registrars, undergraduate education, educational technology, and institutional planning. Berkeley national laboratory clark kerr university of california, berkeley advanced light source dining hall. University of california berkeley campus building location guide parking lot location guide and permit requirements w w w. October 17, 2017 at the clark kerr campus, uc berkeley introduction college and career pathways represent a significant national educational reform movement supported by federal, state, and philanthropic funders. The cba workshop will be held in building 14 in room 104. Life at berkeley blends research and reflection, the scientific with the artistic, and the scholarly with the athletic. Transportation information campus map on reverse for those interested in. Berkeley parking permits c,f are valid in the clark kerr lot. Map of clark kerr campus showing housing and meeting locations. Campus map click here to view an enlarged version for a more comprehensive map including all academic, residential, and administrative buildings click here to see the uc berkeley online campus map. It has both residence hall and suite accommodations.

This is an exciting opportunity to engage with the ramp faculty, students, and staff, and industrial affiliates who share the ramp vision of developing a shared fpgabased technology that will allow emulation of massively parallel. Clark kerr campus campus map university of california, berkeley. Click on a location on the map to view its details. Clark kerr campus, f1 class of 1914 fountain, d3 class of 54 gate, ab4 cory hall, ab3. It is possible to take bart bay area rapid transit from san francisco and oakland to the university. Contractor safety manual university of california, berkeley.

Bicycle parking hundreds of bike parking spaces are located throughout the campus. Clark kerr campus map bsacberkeley sensor and actuator. The new century found uc berkeley at the threshold of major physical change. Strawberry canyon recreation area witter rugby field levinefricke softball field. From a group of academic pioneers in 1868 to the free speech movement in 1964, berkeley is a place where the brightest minds from across the globe come together to. Closed sunday the clark kerr campus is a spanish missionstyle complex located approximately six blocks southeast of the main campus. Monday through friday and weekends, hourly public parking is available in all campus parking areas unless otherwise indicated on parking. The downtown berkeley bart station is a 10 minute taxi ride from the meeting facilities. Xxxviii annual meeting of the willi hennig society university of. Dining center o garden room o great hall o executive dining room 11. Map of the campus important locations uc berkeley atdp. Berkeley national k kerr university of california, berkeley advanced light source dining hall natl energ y. Clark kerr campus map university of california, berkeley.

Campus map berkeley ucpd university of california, berkeley. University of california berkeley campus parking map. Clark kerr campus is a spanish mission style residential complex located 5 blocks southeast of the main uc. As commonly used in berkeley, the term southside also includes most of the adjacent blocks south. The lean design forum is held at the clark kerr campus of the university of california in berkeley. The hayward fault at the campus of the university of. University of california, berkeley clark kerr campus map ex. If parking attendant is not onsite to issue parking permits in the southwest lot, please park and purchase your permit from the meeting.

The uc quantum information science research workshop. The 2020 lrdp treats these blocks separately, because they. Richmond field station little farm brazilian room inspiration point clubhouse lawrence hall of science uc clark kerr campus university of california berkeley claremont canyon regional preserve grizzly peak open space. Back cover front cover venue the clark kerr campus of uc berkeley, adjacent to the main campus and easily accessible by public transportation.

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