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Designing aircraft systems within systems of systems hydromechanical and electrical systems examples october 26, 2004. Worlds best powerpoint templates crystalgraphics offers more powerpoint templates than anyone else in the world, with over 4 million to choose from. Fluid power equipments like landing wheels on aeroplane and helicopter, aircraft. The airframe of a fixedwing aircraft consists of the following five major units. This document presents the landing system of an aircraft. Ppt aircraft hydraulic systems powerpoint presentation. Analogy between a hydraulic circuit left and an electronic circuit right. Introduction hydraulics is based on the fact that liquids are incompressible hydraulic system is a system where liquid under pressure is used to transmit energy in it a hydraulic pump converts mechanical power to hydraulic power an actuating cylinder converts hydraulic power to mechanical power.

Oil hydraulics is a term for powerconverting or powertransmitting systems and devices that actuate hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors and such by controlling three elements i. Seminar report on aircraft hydraulic system free download as pdf file. Now, we come to the types of hydraulic fluids it is very important that a correct fluid type, which is as specified in the manufacturers maintenance manual or on an. Aircraft characteristics airport and maintenance planning list of effective content revision no. September 1994 subcourse overview this subcourse is designed to provide instruction on the concept and operation of the basic components of the hydraulic system. Depending upon the installation, a ptu can be single or bidirectional. The aircraft has three continuously operating hydraulic systems.

Aircraft hydraulic system design free download as powerpoint presentation. Lack of maintenance of hydraulic systems is the leading cause of component and system failure yet most maintenance personnel dont understand proper maintenance techniques of a hydraulic system. The parts of hydraulic system are lubricated with the hydraulic liquid itself. Such systems operate a great deal like hydraulic systems, except they employ air instead of a liquid for transmitting power. Seminar report on aircraft hydraulic system pump valve free. The operation of landing gear, flaps, flight control surfaces, and brakes is largely accomplished with hydraulic power systems. Theyll give your presentations a professional, memorable appearance the kind of sophisticated look that todays audiences expect. Landing gear system fr ed eric boniol and virginie wiels oneratoulouse, 2 av. The word hydraulics comes from greek,hydro, meaning water, and autos, meaning pipe. Explore air craft hydraulic system with free download of seminar report and. Air craft hydraulic system seminar report, ppt, pdf for. Aircraft hydraulic systems authorstream presentation. Some aircraft manufacturers have equipped their aircraft with a high pressure pneumatic system 3,000 psi in the past. In some aircraft with traditional distribution electrical systems, the sources, distribution, and electrical loads are fully coupled.

Not only is it setting new passenger comfort standards, the a380 also is raising the bar for environmental standards with its low fuel consumption and noise levels as well as reduced co2 and nox emissions. Designing aircraft systems within systems of systems. Hovercraft projectseminar report pdf and ppt download for. Winner of the standing ovation award for best powerpoint templates from presentations magazine. Aircraft electrical power distribution system protection. Aircraft hydraulic systems aiaa design group ii basic hydraulic system general uses used for flight control, actuation of flaps, slats, weapons bays, landing gear, breaks provides the extra force required to move large control surfaces in heavy aerodynamic loads.

They are located in the fuel tanks of the aircraft. Another example of bernoullis principle at work is in the lift of aircraft wings and the motion of. This power can be distributed throughout the airplane by means of tubing that runs through the aircraft 5. Method of determination of output given input and configuration of given hydraulic systems. Future technological advances, characteristics of individual test programs, and cost constraints may necessitate other methods being used in some cases. Hydraulic system complexity varies from small aircraft that require fluid only for manual operation of the wheel brakes to large. Seminar air craft hydraulic system report ppt download. References ine chapter 15 shipboard hydraulic systems steering gear rudder, stern planes, etc.

Pdf aircraft hydraulic systems ari wibowo academia. Powerpoint is the worlds most popular presentation software which can let you create professional aircraft hydraulic system design powerpoint presentation easily and in no time. Air craft hydraulic system seminar report, ppt, pdf for mechanical. To reduce wear, this film should be thick enough to completely fill the clearance between moving parts. Hovercraft projectseminar report pdf and ppt download for mechanical engineers introduction to hovercraft. In light aircraft these can be fitted either externally at the control surfaces or in the cockpit to prevent movement of the cockpit controls in larger aircraft, with electro hydraulic systems, the controls lock automatically when power is removed.

Interaction of bootstrap reservoir and hydraulic pump in aircraft. Aircraft hydraulic system design powerpoint presentation. A characteristic feature of mobile hydraulics is that the valves are frequently manually operated. Mechanical brakes are those which are operated by the use of linkages, levers cams etc. Aircraft controls are normally locked on the ground to prevent damage caused by wind movement. Hydraulic power systems heat exchangers and actuators. This pump operates whenever ac power is available unless the aircraft is on the. Hydraulic systems free download as powerpoint presentation.

The blue system is normally pressurized by an electric pump powered by ac1. Ideally, hydraulic oil should create a lubricating film to keep precision parts separated. Paper on air craft hydraulic system with abstract or synopsis, documentation. Hydraulic brakes hydraulics is the use of a liquid under pressure to transfer force or motion, or to increase an applied force. Familiar examples of where youd find hydraulics in use are in elevators, grease guns. Also explore the seminar topics paper on air craft hydraulic system with abstract or synopsis, documentation on advantages and disadvantages, base paper presentation slides for ieee final year mechanical engineering me or production automobile students for the year 2019 2020. The pressure on a liquid is called hyraulic pressure. Page 18 md11 hydraulic power system architecture the rest of the material is taken from the personal. Greening of secondary power systems greening of secondary power systems 22 with tomorrows technology we have these options. This extends the service life of the fluid and the hydraulic pumps. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site.

Aircraft hydraulic system design flight control surfaces aircraft. This lecture contains basic system of aircraft hydraulic different components involved routine checkup troubleshoot. The heat exchangers use aluminum finned tubes to transfer heat from the fluid to the fuel. University of illinois at urbanachampaign arg2002 4182002 3234 references merritt h. A simple dynamic engine model was developed at the nasa ames research center, dryden flight research facility, for use in thrust vectoring control law development and realtime aircraft simulation. Other areas include marine, mining and aircraft hydraulics.

This helps you give your presentation on aircraft hydraulic system design in a conference, a school lecture, a business proposal, in a webinar and business and professional representations. Flow equaliser if wing air loads on one wing are greater than on other, during wing sweep back or sweep forward, motion occurs unevenly. Pdf aircraft hydraulic system model and windmilling. Various aircraft regulatory authorities have adopted several guidelines and provided recommended practices for the development and validation of complex aircraft systems. Shanghai jiao tong university press aerospace series focuses on the operational principles and design technology of aircraft hydraulic systems, including the hydraulic power supply and actuation system and describing new types of structures and components such as the 2h2e structure design method and the use of electro hydrostatic actuators ehas. The control surfaces in traditional aircraft are based on cables and hydraulic actuators. And the brakes which are operated by means of hydraulic pressure are called hydraulic brakes.

The hydraulic system works on the principle of pascals law which says that the pressure in an enclosed fluid is uniform in all the directions. Hydraulic and pneumatic chapter 12 power systems aircraft hydraulic systems the word hydraulics is based on the greek word for water and originally. A hovercraft is a vehicle that, flies like a plane but float like a boat drive like a car it can hover over or move across land or water surfaces while being held off from the surfaces by a cushion of air. A power transfer unit ptu allows the hydraulic pressure of one hydraulic system to drive a pump to pressurize a second hydraulic system without any transfer of hydraulic fluid. The use of system diagrams taken from aircraft manuals and access to real aircraft systems and components, will add to the delivery of this content. Basic hydraulic systems and components subcourse number al 0926 edition a us army aviation logistics school fort eustis, virginia 236045439 4 credit hours edition date. Explore air craft hydraulic system with free download of seminar report and ppt in pdf and doc format. A hovercraft is a vehicle that, flies like a plane but float like a boat drive like a car it can hover over or move across land or water surfaces while being held off from the surfaces by. The arp4754 presents guidelines for developing aircraft level, system level and componentlevel requirements to establish confidence on the aircraft system as a whole. Tlc recommends that you download and save this pdf document and. In the event of an emergency, some aircraft have a ram air turbine.

Basic operation, principle components, and safety considerations related to hydraulic systems. Furthermore, the system stability mainly related to the hydraulic system and a small portion of it is related to the electrical system reliability. Airline transport pilot licence training cbt videos next lesson. Hydraulic brakes make use of fluid pressure for transmission of pressure to the braking components while pneumatic brakes use air pressure for transmitting brake power. Aircraft hydraulic system technologies magnus landberg, birgitta lantto this document and the information contained herein is the property of saab ab and must not be used, disclosed or altered without saab ab prior written consent. You can compress a gas think about putting more and more air into a tire, the more you put in, the higher the pressure. Locheed martin f16a which documentation is publicly available from various. In conclusion, an example of multiaspect modelling using objectoriented handling of a graph network is.

The basic foundation to perform proper maintenance on a hydraulic system has two areas of concern. It describes the system and provides some of its requirements. Hydraulic system it is the system where liquid under pressure is used to transmit the energy to various applications hydraulic system take engine power and convert it into hydraulic power by means of hydraulic pump. In the case of stationary hydraulics, however, mainly solenoid valves are used. Hydraulic systems in aircraft provide a means for the operation of aircraft components. Troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of hydraulic. A background on brake systems, test conduct, and documentation of computer software for calculation of formbrake energies is presented. Seminar air craft hydraulic system report ppt download introduction hydraulics is based on a very simple fact of nature you cannot compress a liquid. Transporttype aircraft use heat exchangers in their hydraulic power supply system to cool the hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic pumps. Hydraulic system complexity varies from small aircraft that require fluid only for manual operation of the wheel brakes to large transport aircraft where the systems. This kind of enclosed fluid based systems using pressurized incompressible liquids as transmission media are called as hydraulic systems. Aircraft hydraulic systems free download as powerpoint presentation.

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