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It would be an understatement to say joseph gordonlevitt is a busy guy. Ive made a commitment to do something creative every day while im home during quarantine and i hope this inspires you all to be. Yoad nevo is a master, and his book hit record is nothing short of brilliant. Producer and plugin developer yoad nevo sia, pet shop boys, air shows how to create familiar, original and diverse electric piano sounds. An inside track to music production with waves, londonbased hitmaker yoad nevo shares his exclusive recording and music production techniques and the personal musical insights he has developed over more than two decades of studio experience. As a producer, recording and mixing engineer, arranger, programmer, and multiinstrumentalist, nevo s work can be heard on bestselling. Download list click on the plugin names to access the downloads. Ladies and gentlemen, i am beside myself with joy and anticipation. The dandy warhols welcome to the monkey house 2003, cd. Electric 88 piano plugin overview with yoad nevo youtube. Yoad nevo is a producer and mixer known for his work with sia, giggs, jem, pet shop boys, bryan adams, girls aloud, sugababes, the dandy warhols, goldfrapp. Nevo has written a book, hit record an inside track to music production, published worldwide and distributed by hal leonard. Mixing vocals in 25 minutes webinar with yoad nevo youtube.

Clone dvd discs, create iso images of dvds, and rip video discs to mpeg2 format. Includes a 14day free trial of the acclaimed waves program. Official facebook page of hitrecord were an open creative platform, where anybody and everybody can collaborate together. Yes, my book, hit record, which is also going to see a digital release soon. I highly recommend the book hit record and i encourage fellow musicians to follow yoad nevo s incredible youtube lessons as well. Producerengineer yoad nevo sia, pet shop boys, air, jem takes a close look at the sonic possibilities opened up by waves hreverb, a pioneering reverb plugin designed to give you unlimited control of your reverb sounds. Download the free interactive guide to waves audio plugins, created by. Stay creative during quarantine with joseph gordonlevitt. Mastering with waves plugins masterclass with yoad nevo duration. This page was last edited on 17 septemberat nevo is also a busy mastering engineer whos mastered thousands of songs as well as developed industry standard mastering tools such as waves masters bundle.

Videos blog forum news by topic by artist events press releases soundgrid certification courses. Get your kindle here, or download a free kindle reading app. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. Download free bond live at the royal albert hall quixote,duel,dallas,oceanic,alexander the great,winter,kismet,bella donna,korobushka,the 1812,james bond theme. About press copyright creators advertise developers. Click to download waves hreverb hybrid reverb plugin. Yoad nevo is a producer and mixer known for his work with sia, giggs, jem, pet shop boys.

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