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Oracle ebs r12 architecture oracle ebs r12 applications is a threetiered architecture. Announcements jan prepare for the prerequisite quiz before class starts cs grads. This manual is specific to a powerpoint slide deck related to module 4, architectural design and construction. Cray s implementation of the dcp architecture optimizes messagepassing applications by. Russell thispaperdescribesthecray 1,discussestheevolutionofitsarchitec ture. The hwacha vectorfetch architecture manual, version 3. This was during a time when the supercomputer market was rapidly shrinking from 50% annual growth in 1980, to 10% in 1988. Understanding architectural details residential, commercial and basements. The persons having this expertise are called naval architects. It also manufactures systems for data storage and analytics. Each has advantages and disadvantages in terms of performance and hardware costs. Information technology related enterprise architecture. In the invisible house, lighting is the primary shaper of ones spatial experience.

Building a dataintensive supercomputer architecture for the national research community shawn strande, project manager, san diego supercomputer center maria mclaughlin, product marketing director, cray cray inc. Seymour roger cray september 28, 1925 october 5, 1996 was an american electrical engineer and supercomputer architect who designed a series of computers that were the fastest in the world for decades, and founded cray research which built many of these machines. Specification of data architecture newcastle university. The general data related rules and guidelines, intended to be enduring and seldom amended, that inform and support the way in which an organization sets about fulfilling its mission. Architecture bsc arbriba part 1 about this threeyear programme teaches students from across the globe the skills to practise architecture and an understanding of how to use those skills imaginatively in different contexts. The emphasis in kaysen s book ends with a pdf plan business architecture black patent leather belt and black patent. Software architecture refers to the fundamental structures of a software system and the. Xk7 is the second platform from cray to use a combination of central processing units cpus and graphical processing units gpus for computing. The situation may change, and you ll write a book that different representations advantageously is part of the double be my end, but it usually loses the majority. Cray xc40 compute node numa node 0 numa node 1 cray xc40 intel xeon compute node the xc40 compute node features. There are two basic types of nodes in any cray xc30. We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the lands on which our company is located and where we conduct our business.

Proprietary 3 the cray xc30 is a massively parallel processor mpp supercomputer design. Srini computer science department university of alabama birmingham, al 35294 jorge f. Architecture bsc arbriba part 1 the bartlett school of. I ran on a xmp 48 at nasaames for quite a while before they got their first cray 2. Introduced in 1976 cray 2, cray xmp, cray ymp o demise in the late 1990s, the pricetoperformance ratio drastically increased for conventional microprocessor designs. See more ideas about architecture, architecture design and folding architecture. Naval architecture 1 class notes 1 d w tonnes omar bin yaakob g g w tonnes d w tonnes g 1 g d g 1 g. March 1, 2012 1 about the speaker cray xexk system overview cray gemini nic hardware architecture overview. Unique project aesthetics are guided by sound environmentally sustainable design esd principles. Naval architecture is an engineering field covering the technology in design of ships and floating structures. The cray 1 s architecture reflected its designers penchant for bridging technical hurdles with revolutionary ideas. The xmps main improvement over the cray 1 was a sharedmemory, parallel vector processor, housing two cpus in a mainframe that was nearly identical in outside appearance. Recent years have witnessed a rapid increase not only in interest, but also in the actual adoption of cloud computing, or the cloud, as it is commonly called.

Application and architecture must support long vectors. Energyefficient computing greg pautsch, duncan roweth, and scott schroeder. Cray 1, a supercomputer designed, manufactured and marketed by cray research inc. Eventually, over 100 cray1 s were sold, making it one of the most successful supercomputers in history. Inspired by traditional vector machines from the 1970s and 1980s such as the cray 1, and. Direct connected processor architecture the cray xd1 system is based on the direct connected processor dcp architecture, harnessing many processors into a single, uni. California enterprise architecture framework cloud computing. Pdf technology is an indispensable aspect of architecture.

A static backward taken, forward not taken b 1bit saturating counter c 2bit saturating counter d global predictor m. Architizer is how architects find buildingproducts. This workinprogress document outlines the fourth version of the hwacha vectorfetch architecture. This cray 1 model was originally built as an msc project by helen berringer in 1998. Several cray supercomputer systems are listed in the top500, which ranks the most powerful supercomputers in the world. In order to increase the speed of this system, the cray 1 had a unique c shape which enabled integrated circuits to be closer together. Laboratories that host xk7 machines host workshops to train.

Cray research was founded by former control data corporation chief. The oracle database server is sometimes available on platforms where oracle ebusiness suite is not currently certified. It is therefore built from many thousands of individual nodes. One of the first machines to use multiprocessing was the cray xmp, introduced in 1982, which linked two cray 1 computers in parallel to triple their individual performance. Performance evaluation of the cray x1 distributed sharedmemory architecture article pdf available in ieee micro 25 1.

In such a case, it may be possible to utilize a mixed platform architecture, where the database is installed on one platform and the application tier on another. Ninety seven percent of international trade in the world is accomplished by ship. The clean architecture of the cray 1 is teamed with proven logic circuitry resulting in new levels of hardware reliability. The cray1 computer system communications of the acm.

The nc state college of design offers a fouryear undergraduate degree in architecture, as well as a fifthyear b. Thanks, if the button falls out again or i ever scratch the back, i ll buy a replacement. Architecture 25 points consider these four possible branch predictors. Pdf recharting the philosophy of technology in contemporary. Basic architecture and failure analysis forest godfrey principal engineer, cray inc. The approach consists of representing the components of a cray 1s system as the nodes of a dataflow graph and the interconnections between the components as the arcs of the dataflow graph. Kolodzey, member, ieee abstracthardware and packaging technology which provide the high performance of the cray 1. The openrisc architecture allows for a spectrum of chip and system implementations at a variety of. Cloud computing cc reference architecture ra version 1. Understanding architectural details first in architecture shop. Database tier the oracle applications architecture is a framework for multitiered, distributed computing that supports oracle applications products. Early supercomputer architectures pioneered by seymour cray relied on compact innovative designs and local parallelism to achieve superior computational peak performance. Keep exploring architizer by creating a free account or logging in.

It has since been considerably revised by roland ibbett. Cray xmp, a supercomputer designed, manufactured and marketed by cray research inc. Asenjo city bank puerto rico abstract an analysis of the cray is architecture based on dataflow graphs is presented. Opencores openrisc architecture manual april 21, 2014 1 about this manual 1. The cray x1 supercomputer is a distributed shared memory vector multiprocessor, scalable to 4096 processors and up to 65 terabytes of memory.

The x1s hierarchical design uses the basic building. In fact the discipline of knowledge on ship design and naval architecture only appeared in the seventeenth century. Understanding architectural details residential in pdf format understanding architectural details basements in pdf format understanding architectural details commercial in pdf format 2d details in cad format a. It was the worlds fastest computer from 1983 to 1985. Compute nodes these only do user computation and are always referred to as compute nodes service nodes. For close to a decade, cray research has been the industry. Cray was also one of the pioneers of dividing complex computations among multiple processors, a design known as multiprocessing. Prior to that, shipbuilding is not based on science and. Xk7 is a supercomputing platform, produced by cray, launched on october 29, 2012. The semicircular mainframe houses over 200,000 integrated circuits, 3400 printed circuit boards, and over 60 miles of wire, yet it. The cray 3 was originally slated for delivery in 1991. Stability and strength and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at.

Fastest machine in world at given task a device to turn a computebound problem into an io. The advancement of technology in the last 100 years was. The cray mta, formerly known as the tera mta, is a supercomputer architecture based on thousands of independent threads, finegrain communication and synchronization between threads, and latency tolerance for irregular computations each mta processor has a highperformance alu with many independent register sets, each running an independent thread. The intel 64 and ia32 architectures software developers manual, volume 1, describes the basic architecture and programming environment of intel 64 and ia32 processors. The cray1 s fortran compiler cft is designed to give the scientific user immediate access to the benefits of the cray1 s vector processing. For close to a decade, cray research has been the industry leader in largescale computer systems. This paper describes the cray, 1, discusses the evolution of its architecture, and gives an account of some of the problems that were overcome during its manufacture.

On a failover scenario, the standby instance takes over and becomes active and the failed active instance becomes standby, once it is up and running. Pdf performance evaluation of the cray x1 distributed. The cray1 is the only computer to have been built to date that satisfies erdas class vi requirement a computer capable of processing from 20 to 60 million floating point operations per second 1. Analysis of cray 1s architecture analysis of cray 1s architecture srini, vason p asenjo, jorge f. Building a dataintensive supercomputer architecture for.

At the same time, cray research was also working on the ymp, a faster multiprocessor version of the system architecture tracing its ancestry to the original cray 1. Key elements of the cray xc30 are designed to minimize timeto. Transfer 1 word per cycle for b, t, and v registers transfer 1 word every 2 cycles for a and s registers transfer 4 words every cycle to instruction buffers. Instructions on how to use hase models can be found at downloading, installing and using hase.

Lecture notes on parallel computation ucsb college of. The cray1 was a supercomputer designed, manufactured and marketed by cray research. Each openstack service has a code name, which is reflected in the names of configuration files and commandline utility programs. The data integration template, forming a comprehensive and uptodate record of the feed. Called the father of supercomputing, cray has been credited with creating the supercomputer industry. At the core of the deal is cray s highperformance computing hpc technology, which hpe wants to offer as a. Analysis of cray1s architecture, acm sigarch computer. The notion of the invisible is explored in a couple of different ways. To build these structures, shipbuilders requires design plans and guidelines prepared by naval architects. Data architecture principles enterprise architecture. The new project with the database of 200 million download links from the file hosting services and direct sources enable dvd in media player just got mine a few days ago. However, in time the demand for increased computational power ushered in the age of massively. The free version of pdf architect already allows you to view, rotate, delete and rearrange pages as well as merge multiple documents. Approaches to supercomputer architecture have taken dramatic turns since the earliest systems were introduced in the 1960s.

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