Xilinx xc2000 architecture pdf

Sharif university of technology 2 table of contents introduction xilinx fpgas zxc3000 zxc4000. It has been surpassed in this capacity by the xc5200 and xc9500 product lines. Sharif university of technology 5 xilinx fpga structure fixed array of configurabe logic. Xilinx xc3000 series field programmable gate arrays xc3000al. Fpgas were first developed by the xilinx company and have since been developed by many other. Voltage monitoring for xc2000 devices december, 1994 application brief by peter alfke summary all xc5200, xc4000, xc3000, and newer 0. Xc2000 logic cell array families 2186 overview introduced in 1985, the xc2000 family has seen continuously increasing sales for 8 years.

The primary difference between these products lies in the number of gates and the architectural features of the individual devices, as shown in. Ic logic cl array 1200gat 68plcc online from elcodis, view and download xc206470pc68c pdf datasheet, embedded. Xilinx xc3000 series field programmable gate arrays. Xc3100a family the xc3100a is a performanceoptimized relative of the xc3000a family. Ultrascale architecture and have been replaced by xilinx parameterized macros. Xilinx xc series free download as powerpoint presentation.

In the xc2000, xc3000, and xc4000 devices, xilinx offers three evolutionary. Design entry methods for each design element in this guide, xilinx evaluates the options for using the design element, and recommends what we believe is the best solution for you. Introduced in 1985, the xc2000 family has seen continu. Ultrascale architecture libraries guide ug974 xilinx. Its architecture today is outdated and the xc2000 family is no longer the lowest cost logic solution available from xilinx. Xc2000 5874 64100 gate count io clbs ffs blocks series. The xc3000l is the right solution for batteryoperated and lowpower applications. The xc3100a and xc3100l fpga architectures are upwardcompatible.

Xilinx xc2000 orcad xilinx xc3000 architecture orcad schematic symbols library directory sheet xc2000 xc7000 xc5200 xc4000 xc3000. Cs29459, fall 2010 university of california, berkeley. The xc2000 product line has been in continuous production at xilinx since 1986. The infineon xc2000 family is a 16bit microcontroller that can be found in automotive applications including transmissions, hybrid applications, driver assistant systems and engine management. Cics paper on xc2000 series 1986 apparently not available online w. While the xc3000xc3100 families offer more speed, a.

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